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Durango Nursery and Supply Inc. – plants, supplies and professionals

Durango Nursery and Supply is committed to supplying the community with quality landscape plants and materials needed in all areas of residential and commercial land development.  Our focus is to provide the best quality native and xeric plant varieties available, as well as bulk materials for the convenience of the professional and homeowner for the ease and success of each landscape project. The nursery professionals are always available to answer questions and assist you in creating a beautiful and successful landscape.


Durango Nursery & Supply Inc. General Information

Contact / Location:

  • Address: 271 Kay Cee Lane Durango, Colorado 81303
  • Phone: (970) 259-8800
  • Email: Tom@durangonursery.com
  • Hours: 9 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday

Shop Info:

  • Cannabis Growing Supplies: yes
  • Online Ordering: yes

Sites & Social:

Google & Yelp Reviews

Durango Nursery & Supply Inc
Based on 43 reviews
Ernie Lau
Ernie Lau
23:20 13 Jun 20
Very attentive customer service with the staff, very diverse options with inventory and materials for one's landscaping needs.
Michael Shawhan
Michael Shawhan
03:37 10 Jun 20
Great selection. Knowledgeable assistance.
Dale Shumate
Dale Shumate
18:59 30 May 20
Filled with beautiful trees, shrubs, and other plant life, the place is beautiful and houses a large variety of options. The person I spoke to was very well informed, and helped me make decisions for what kind of trees I was looking for. I feel much better informed, would highly recommend for anyone looking to add some flora into their life.
Jackie Watson
Jackie Watson
00:56 15 May 20
This place was wonderful. They were able to answer all our questions and give helpful advice. Won't hesitate to go back.
Adam Double-U
Adam Double-U
03:22 02 Dec 19
This place is awesome, the owner Tom is a really good person and the staff is great.
Manguy dude
Manguy dude
14:10 19 Oct 19
After being sent off to the commercial area to find a sumac tree, the employees admitted they didn't know where they were they were but they could get someone who did know. When her supervisor walked over to us she asked me "what's my problem? ". I was stunned at how rude she was and her tone continued until I had to leave because the tree wasnt worth putting up with the staff.
Thomas  Little
Thomas Little
20:31 27 Aug 19
Healthy plants. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good prices. Beautiful nursery
karam mishalani
karam mishalani
15:10 30 Jul 19
excellent plants,shrubs and trees with a wonderful and helpful staff.
Splendid Kitchens
Splendid Kitchens
15:56 13 May 19
The service seems variable. Customer service is not the top priority but the plants are great.


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