Because I'm a huge slacker (weed not to blame here) I still have yet to draft the terms of service that shall dictate how you live your life. (atleast here on Durango Chronic)

So until then, let's just please keep all conversation and media compliant with Colorado marijuana laws; Legal or medical. This will be part of the TOS and as of right now the only community guidelines.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Furthermore, the Durango Chronic volunteers take no responsibility for the content posted on this site.

Welcome To durango Chronic

Durango Chronic is now live! (in beta)

Since Telluride opened up the first legal retail, I've been getting hammered with emails about it, the state of legalization in our area and when the network was going to open. Due to the response, I made it public. Keep in mind we are very much in beta right now.

Whats New

We're a social network now. Users can register and access all of our features, such as:
  • Photo / Video sharing.
  • Users profiles, connections and activity feed.
  • Blogging.
  • Private messaging and chat.
  • User Groups.
  • And more!

What's No Longer Available:

Durango chronic no longer supports deals and will not feature any menus that aren't driven through iframes or similar embeds.

Removing these features will remove the majority of the intervention required of our administrators, making this website much more manageable. Durango Chronic wishes to remain always free. therefore it was in our interests to scale down the workload generated by this web presence. We hope you all understand.

Upcoming Changes

In the next few weeks we will be making adjustments and changes, specifically to the navigation and layout, as well as rebuilding the directory and other things.

We'll also be drafting a TOS and Privacy Policy....Real fun stuff!